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Come mantenere macchinari e attrezzature petrolifere

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The management and maintenance of petroleum machinery and equipment is extremely important for petroleum enterprises, which is related to whether the petroleum enterprises can work normally. The management and maintenance of these equipment should fully consider the actual characteristics of petroleum enterprises and fully implement relevant management norms. Below, Xiaobian will briefly introduce the maintenance measures of petroleum machinery and equipment.

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I. In the daily maintenance, we should pay attention to keep the surface of machinery, petroleum machinery and equipment dry. In the usual use process, these equipment will inevitably cause some sediment residues, which will increase the wear and tear of equipment during operation and cause equipment loss. At the same time, it is necessary to observe the temperature rise and fall of the bearing equipment and friction parts of the equipment, as well as the gearbox and hydraulic oil tank at any time. The temperature of each part should not be higher than 70 C. Once it is higher than this temperature, it is necessary to stop the equipment to reduce the temperature, and find out the reason for this problem in time. In addition, in the daily use of mechanical equipment, we should pay attention to the abnormal sound of the equipment during operation. Once there are some abnormal sounds, most of them are problems with the equipment, we should stop the machine for inspection and maintenance.

II. Check the sealing condition of petroleum machinery and equipment regularly. Once oil leakage is found at the sealing part of the equipment, stop the machine in time and seal the oil leakage. In addition, it is necessary to regularly check the connection firmware at each connection, and reinforce it in time if it is loose.

III.  We should regularly check the performance of each hose. After working for a period of time, these hoses will be cracked and unpacked. When this happens, we should replace these hoses in time, often check whether the oil in the oil tank is deteriorated and add hydraulic oil in time. At the same time, always check the hydraulic system. When the filter pointer points to the red zone, it proves that the filter has been blocked. Stop the machine immediately and replace the filter to avoid damaging the oil pump or motor. In addition, the pressure gauge should be replaced in time when it fails.

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